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What's in a Name? eServus is Now Lane Perks

A letter from eServus Founder and CEO Kirk Layton.


Shakespeare famously wrote, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” I don’t know if the Bard ever did any moonlighting as a brand consultant, but his words ring true as eServus changes its name to Lane Perks: the name may be different, but it’s the same great service and sweet deals you know and love.

eServus branding has been refreshed

Why the name change? In October 2020, eServus was acquired by Lane Technologies, a workplace experience platform that addresses the needs of the entire office ecosystem – from room bookings and access management to data and communications. (You can read the press release announcing the acquisition here.) Now that eServus is a part of the Lane family, it makes sense for eServus to be branded under the Lane umbrella as well. And since what we do really comes down to delivering great deals, savings, and offers – in a word, perks – we couldn’t think of a more fitting name.

Same great deals with a fresh new look.
Same great deals with a fresh new look.

When you log on to the rebranded eServus website, you’ll immediately be greeted by a new look and feel. That’s because we’ve transitioned our services to an exciting new platform – one that features faster response times, smoother browsing, and an enhanced customer experience overall. How awesome is that?

So when you place your first order and are impressed with the quality of service you receive, that’s because our commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience hasn’t changed. I’m still part of the team, as is Robin MacLean, our VP of Operations, and Carolyn Miura, our Manager of Client Solutions. In fact, the entire management team and staff of Lane Perks are former eServus employees, and we guarantee the same reliable service and deals you’ve come to enjoy, plus some new ones, too!

The former eServus team and our new colleagues at Lane are committed to ensuring that the transition to Lane Perks is smooth and worry-free for our customers. If you have any questions about what the name change means for you, I invite you to contact us at

Here’s to more great perks!